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Med Spa Clients, on demand.

Fill your calendar. Month after month.

Appointments. Not Leads.

We don't focus on getting leads, likes, followers, views or comments.

We're here to make you money.

Real Results.

Proven Process

Every aspect of your business is a system. So it can be optimized. From the moment a prospect sees you online, then clicks, then messages you, then hops on a call and so on...right until they are in your studio handing you cash.

We analyze and improve every single step from click to close. This allows you to compete in a blue ocean - Separate from the hundreds of new PMU Businesses created each year.

Reach New Prospects 24/7

Thousands of new people each week will discover your business. Zero social media posts required. Whether you're eating. sleeping, or spending time with family, you'll know that you're passively acquiring tens of thousand of eyeballs from new potential customers without having to lift a finger.

Convert Prospects To Paying Customers

Business is not about who works the most hours. You need to work on the right stuff.

One artist could spend 8 hours a day making TikToks and reach 100 people. Another could spend 0 hours on socials and reach 1000 people in that same day.

Now, this is not to say you won't have to put any work in. But these systems will ensure you get the max amount of output from the smallest input required.

Achieve The Income You Deserve

Our systems allow you to reliably predict how and when you'll hit your income goals. Yes luck exists. But we can also create our own luck. No more crossing your fingers at the end of each month, relying on referrals or touch ups to pay the bills.

Each client of ours is required to set an income goal for where they want to be in 12 months. Each month we review their progress and keep them on track for their requirements to hit this goal.

Do you want a Business Plan, or a Wishlist?

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